University Office of ECNU

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                                Office of Discipline Inspection Commission 

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                                Organization Department (Office of Veteran Cadres)

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                                Publicity Department

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                                United Front Work Department

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                                Department of Student Affairs 

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                                Department of Graduate Student Affairs 

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                                Department of Armed Forces


                                Party School  

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                                Party Committee of Administrative Offices

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                                Petitions Office


                                Offspring Care Committee

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                                Labor Union    

                                Tel: 021-62232658   Email:


                                Commission for Women  

                                Tel: 021-62233409   Email:


                                Youth League 

                                Tel: 021-54342301/ 021-54342697/ 021-54342654   



                                Office of Development Planning 

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                                Office of Academic Affairs  

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                                Graduate School   

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                                Office of Student Affairs  

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                                Admissions Office   

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                                Office of Continuing Education  

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                                Office of Disciplines and Development  

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                                Personnel Department  

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                                Office of Science and Technology  

                                Tel: 021-62232601/ 021-54345100


                                Office of Social Science 

                                Tel: 021-62232631   021-54345118   Email:


                                International Exchange Division  

                                Tel: 021-62232012   Email:


                                Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs   

                                Tel: 021-62233725   Email:


                                Office of Liaison  

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                                Office of State-owned Assets   

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                                Office of Laboratory and Equipment  

                                Tel: 021-54342490/ 021-54344909   Email:


                                Information Technology Services Center   

                                Tel: 021-62232601/ 021-54345100


                                Office of Supervision  

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                                Audit Office

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                                Tel: 021-62232260/ 021-54344616   Email:


                                Office of Infrastructure

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                                Office of Logistics

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                                Security Department

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                                General Office at Huaihai Rd. Campus



                                Tel:021-62232086/ 021-54344881/ 021-54344887



                                Tel::021-62233776/ 021-62232294/ 021-54343079



                                ECNU Press



                                ECNU Journal Editorial Department

                                Tel: 021-62233702/ 021-62233703/ 021-62233761


                                Joint Service Center for Student Development


                                Global Education Center

                                Tel021-62232013/ 021-62238353


                                International Center of Teacher Education



                                Assets Management Co., Ltd.


                                National Training Center for Secondary School Principals, Ministry of Education

                                East China Training Center for Educational Administrators, Ministry of Education

                                East China Training Center for Normal University Teacher, Ministry of Education

                                Tel:021-62232252/ 62233156


                                Shanghai National Center for School Computer Education, Ministry of Education

                                Tel: 021-62232445   Email:


                                Institute of Global Chinese Language Teacher Education



                                Shanghai Lifelong Learning Research Institute







                                                              Mobile Games




                                                              Second-hand housing

                                                              Premier League